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    The ability for a player to teleport to their current slayer task, Possibly for a fee. Said fee could be a flat rate for any task or if possible a variable amount depending on the task level. (I personally think 1k per level feels reasonable to start, But that's of course open for debate)
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    NXOS Beta has gone live! The download will be available both on the forums and in discord(recommended for updates). PLEASE report any bugs you find with the launcher or the games through the forums in as much detail as you can. There's a support section titled "Nexus Launcher" for it. Your forum account will be your login for both games, but MapleStory will use a login password that's set on registration(can be edited in your profile) due to password restrictions. To make up for that, there's 2 more pins that have to be entered once per session as a whole, not just login. There's a small grace period between entries. Anyone with an existing donator status(listed on discord) can contact me about it when your forum account is made. We're really excited about this release and are looking forward to enjoying it just as much as you guys! Again, this is a beta and there will be bugs, so please report all the bugs you find on the forums so we can make the experience better for everyone.
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