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Nexus: WOTLK is live!

3.3.5a live blizzlike server, with a professional core design. We are ready for the biggest of raiders! Server Experience: - Kill Rate: x2 - Explore Rate: x3 - Reputation Rate: x3 - Honor Rate: x2 - and tons more!
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Making through the Virus 4/15/20

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Good evening everyone,

I hope you all have been well under all of this COVID-19 stuff going around. This has given me some time to look into a few things while @Daron has been busy with other things. I want to thank everyone for the support of our recent releases as we continue to keep pushing and expanding our grounds. I know this has concerned some of our members in terms of other games and the possibility that they might be delayed. While this may be true, we don't expect this to be the cause of any delays or future issues. We have been working with great people to build a great team to keep our projects under a stable development condition. We won't open any other projects if we do not have the coverage of the previous ones. 


Now for some divided update info:

Nexus Websites:
Some people have noticed some change, and some recent bugs (ops). This is because I have been working on the websites recently and have been trying to get everything up to date from all our movement. I want to make sure everything works great now with little risk later that we will run into any issues.

I have added 2 new Themes to the forums, one currently is open for use the other one will be added later on. 

- NX: Titan (Dark theme)

- NX: Dreadnaught (Light theme)

Both come with a great quality and visuals that will help those who like the dark or light version of things. 

Categories have also been updated, we have changed the layout and text of some of the forum thread and categories. This is to centralize everything and the other projects that have moved to a separate forum system (For purposeful reasons). I am still currently in discussion with Management team on this. 


We heard the cries for some who enjoy Minecraft, and have opened the gates! 
You can see more information of the Project over on its thread on the forums, but for now I can summarize this release here.

This server will be 100% uptime meaning the Lobby server will not be down for any reason outside of Maintenance. 
We will be hosting other servers that you will connect from within the hub, this will give your a central MC account with a Central currency on the game we are working to implement now.

More updates will follow as @Daron works on the plugins.


Visit the project's webpage for more information & updates.


NX RS3: Darkscape:
Current version is stable, however we are still working on our Network & Object system rework. We appreciate all our players concern over the last few weeks of the inactivity there has been. We have been watching this closely and taking note on complaints, and concerns that members have. We want to make this server a great experience while keeping the feel of what Darkscape was. We see the concern about the teleporting system and what has become of it since our transition and we want you all to know this has been something that will be updated in the future. 

All other updates are slowly coming out, but still in progress as this is a big project to rework and make perfect for everyone to enjoy, 



Aside from all of this mumbo jumbo, thank you everyone for the support as always.

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