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Nexus: WOTLK is live!

3.3.5a live blizzlike server, with a professional core design. We are ready for the biggest of raiders! Server Experience: - Kill Rate: x2 - Explore Rate: x3 - Reputation Rate: x3 - Honor Rate: x2 - and tons more!
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F Clan Recruitment!

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¸»°'´¸»°'´ F `«¸`«¸
`'°«„¸¸„»°'´¸„»°'´`'°«„¸ Is Now Recruiting! ¸„»°'´`'°«„¸`'°«„¸¸„»°'´


Our Objective:
F is a clan that strives to be the best at what we do. We bring a different breed of players to the table and strive to break records,
have fun and support those around us. If you're interested in joining, fill out an application down below and I'll get to you shortly!
Clan Chat:
Application Status:
What We Offer:
Free access to Og's POH Gilded Alter for faster Prayer leveling
Group Warbands
Group Bossing/Slayer
Protection from Pkers (Only when I'm not busy)
Helpful tips to progressing faster in the  game
Currently we don't have any requirements

1. Must follow any and all Nexus Rules.

            2. Must be respectful to all members of the clan. It's nice to joke around, but know your limits.

3. NO Harassment, Racial Slurs or hate crimes of any kind are allowed in CC.

4. We have absolutely 0 tolerance for Botting (If you're found guilty of such doings, appropriate actions will be taken.)

5.  Have Fun!

Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment.

1st offence = 1 hour removal from CC

2nd offence = 1 day removal from CC

3rd offence = Permanent removal from the CC and put on our blacklist


Clan Ranking System

Basic Rankings


Staff Rankings

- Junior Staff:

Clan Staff whose role is to keep watch over the clan and keep things running. Assists with cc moderation and insight to administrative changes. (Voted in by other clan Staff)

- Senior Staff:

Senior Clan Staff hold major roles in the clan. They are extremely trusted and highly respected members of our clans community. They are the right hand of the Leaders and help take part in all major decisions within the clan.

- Leaders:

Leaders of the clan. Responsible for all major changes.


(copy and paste this into the reply section and fill it out appropriately)



Combat Level:

Prayer Level:

Magic Level:

Ranged Level:

Total Level:

PvM/PvP Experience (1-10):

Did someone recommend you to our clan?:

Do you agree to the clan rules?:



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RSN: DylanPage95

Combat Level: 50

Prayer Level: 15

Magic Level: 45

Ranged Level: 3

Total Level: 793

PvM/PvP Experience (1-10): Pvm 7/10, pvp 6/10 (not done either in a long time)

Did someone recommend you to our clan?: nah i just saw it exploring the forums

Do you agree to the clan rules?: sure do :D


Ill be leveling up my combats asap so those numbers are only what i have right now :D

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