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Found 4 results

  1. Our java Launcher is now woorking! You can find our file download below! This will now update your normal clients and launch it instantly without you having to download a new client each update. We also have done some other updates to our Client. Players should now finally not be stuck in Safe mode, this error was causing alot of people to have below 20 Frames Per Second during their gameplay. I have run the client myself through some tests and aside from the Java lags you're always going to encounter. If you're experiencing any issues please let us know. We are still looking into the NXT client errors as of recently that have appeared, we appreciate everyone's patience during this time.
  2. NEXUS HAS HAD ITS GAME REVISION UPDATED TO THE CURRENT RS! (900 v1) With alot of work the last 2 weeks, we are proud to announce the stable release of our revision, this will be the new foundation of some future updates to come. Now there will possibly be some bugs that have surfaced or sprouted, but we will be counting on YOU to help. [Please report bugs to our support section] https://dontplayonthenexus.com/forums/index.php?/support/ Id like to introduce the Nexus Reward Program! This program includes the following rules and rewards: 1.) Reports of valued bugs will result in a coin reward dependent between 10-100M 2.) Player Referrals, inviting friends who hit 1 Day Game Time with 4 skills at 60 will grant them and their friend 5M with a potion pack containing 10 Overloads, 20 Prayer Potions, and 40 of all other combat potions. (referral system will be released via thread.) 3.) Streaming / Video / Imaging Package, this is separate but coming in the future. Be on the look out for more on the Reward program! Along with this update, we've introduced some of the new runescape features! Such as: - All new fully working wardrobe system - Fully functional titles system - The new Game settings menus - All the neat little interface changes including the chatbox - Revolution++ and it's accompanying features - Proper chat option colours - Vote and hiscores pages in the community tab! - The new quick prayers system has been implemented Some minor changes include: - Added damage cap to kalphite king - Fixed off/main hand weapon being delete while banking - Full functionality of t70+ defenders - Added the Discord -> game side of the chat integration - Overhaul of displayname, grandexchange, offences and npc location saving - Donations now properly redeem automatically - Teleports have been redone
  3. Updates 10/31/2018 Araxxor update: a spoopy spider has evolved and now has full phases like RS3 Side fixes: Jmod panel fix Fixed the crash caused by hits over max short value Disabled old araxxor Forum update: We are now implementing our donation system into the forums making payments fast and instant for players, we will have more information on this soon. [If you have a forum account please make sure your in-game name is filled in the RSN section for it to work!] Donation system update: Theres alot of thought going into this, but I will be creating a post and liking it for you all to see our new donation prices, and perks. We will also be fixing and changing our stores and fixing up the locations of the tier locations themselves aswell. This is something that will take a longer time then other updates as planned since our priority isn't focused on that yet. New Donation information : https://dontplayonthenexus.com/forums/index.php?/topic/64-server-donation-information-with-updates/
  4. Hello everyone, this is just a simple client update nothing head turning. You can find the file here, please be sure to download it otherwise you won't be able to login with previous client. We will be keeping previous host for "Back up" reasons if we run into any issues with how im trying to currently build and run situations on my end. But gladly enough it should run a bit better for everyone with it being upgraded in a few major ways yet downgraded in some minor others. Keep your eye out for 1.04!