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Found 2 results

  1. Our java Launcher is now woorking! You can find our file download below! This will now update your normal clients and launch it instantly without you having to download a new client each update. We also have done some other updates to our Client. Players should now finally not be stuck in Safe mode, this error was causing alot of people to have below 20 Frames Per Second during their gameplay. I have run the client myself through some tests and aside from the Java lags you're always going to encounter. If you're experiencing any issues please let us know. We are still looking into the NXT client errors as of recently that have appeared, we appreciate everyone's patience during this time.
  2. Hello everyone, its been a bit of a delayed push and for those curious of what we have been doing we appreciate the patience so for our gift to you is early news, here is the Nexus 1.01 Launch update! Core - Server rates are set to x20 Player files are now converted to .json ! - There will be a full account reset, there will be recovery packages for players who were previous noxious members of *99 on all stats*. - This should also minimize all black screen null issues that have been known on Noxious. A new clean source. - Because new organized code and other minimalist tweaks are nice to have. - Prepares for future updates Double xp weekends have been disabled for select weekends only. All KK data has been moved over to main source. Invention xp buff to balance for rate change. New Soulsplit formula and prayer protection reductions Fixed when using Revolution and hit a Threshold it stops the threshold after one attack -Also fixed the variety of skills it uses. xp drops will now show up again. Voting is now working with proper sites -Voting rewards have been set to 250k per vote. Automated Donations have been removed -Any donations are to be handled directly to me for the time being. Items - Added t85 spear to do normal damage to Corp (Mizuyari), Vestas spear. Fix supreme overload salve. - new Overload formulas & other potion adjustments Slayer helm now gives the correct effects. Amulet of souls now gives the correct effects. All T99 items are wearable. More other updates have been added, we will post more on upcoming dates when time is right. The server is looking to be released this Saturday for sure im just hoping to grab and fix the final straggler bugs with dean. See you all on launch day with more to come!
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