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NXT Official Client Release & Patch notes

Released 03/08/19

Key Changes

Hello everyone,
It's great to see everything has been moving forward pretty smoothly which has been very good in most ways. The NXT launch has been fairly successful with some drawbacks here and there. But it is so great to finally enjoy a real client that runs with a 85% Stability average!
I want to list all of the updates we have failed to post on forums, so below are the latest updates as of the last 2 weeks. 
-Fixed equipment seperator
-Fixed augmentation dissolver
-Fixed  discovering machines blue prints
-Fixed  armour repair stand.
-Fixed araxxor not being able to move into next path.
-Fixed skilling tasks and daily tasks for mining and smithing rework.
-Fixed herb low perk message spam
-Fixed eating food and potions from action bars
-Fixed adding money from inventory to money pouch
-Fixed grandexchange
-Fixed not being able to drink pots
-Fixed fletching(bow stringing etc)
-Fixed angel of death drop table
-Fixed  house nulling sometimes
-Fixed dungeoneering Coloured recess puzzel room
-Fixed treasure hunter bugging and not giving u ur reward if u dont have inventory space
-Fixed Construction is should never bug again.
-Fixed  dwarven mines map bug at the shops
-Fixed  disassembling item.
-Fixed dismantling hunter traps.
-Fixed fishing not giving items.
-Fixed  agility courses and climbling up.
-Fixed  construction.
-Fixed red sandstone/ crystal sandstone mining.
-Fixed bank hotkeys.
-Fixed getting stuck in the air bug.
-Fixed  issue where players get stuck online.
-Added mazcab ability codex/ preasul ability codex books and all of there abilities / prayers
-Added mazcab ability codex to araxxor and vorago and nex angel of death untill i add raids.
-Added a new command to test telos drop rates ::testtelosdrops (Kills 1 - 5000) (Enrage 0 - 4000) (Streak 0 - 200)
-Added nex angel of death and araxxor to ::testdrops command ::testdrops 100 nex aod / ::testdrops 100 araxxor
-Added "wise old man" npc dialogue that can remove your hardcore/ regular iron man status if u want.
-Added Smelting gauntlets effects
(When worn, smelted bars go straight to the metal bank. The gauntlets also allow the player to smelt up to 60 bars at a time using the Make-X interface, instead of 28.)
-Added geode opening.
-Added new Toolbelt with the option to add all your new mining pickaxes
-Disabled open url packet for nxt client until i figure out the format (it wont crash ur client now)
-nerfed nex aod drop rates and made it only drop 1 drop per player inside the fight up to a max of 10 players (Temp untill i rework the combat)
-You can now heat ur items by super heat item spell (wont stop action if u use it from actionbar)
-You will be able to convert your items to their useable form when you click convert on the item.
-Made it that if u go to dz in nxt client it will send u to home location
-Drop simulator command ::testdrops (amount of kills) (npc name) example ::testdrops 1000 vorago
the drop simulator uses ur account drop rate into the calculation, so it should be accurate.


I do thank you all for the support and patience with us, alot has been going on and we do have alot more planned for the future. We couldn't have done it without the community's support and players efforts with reports.  

More on the way! Keep reporting and enjoying!