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  1. Predator

    New Home Addition?

    Yeah Waiko was a nice home, didn't actually mind Menaphos tbh - Jake
  2. Predator

    Predator's Farewell

    wym I helped contribute to bug abusing at times lul?
  3. So I've been with Daron and Log for sometime. Always been by their side as they have with me... After recent events and the decision of an eco reset due to dupers in my opinion which could probably of been resolved a different way how other servers have attempted and what not. Real downer is uh all my mates quitting after it so just going to be following them in my footsteps as I have no motivation to play anymore and quite frankly telling that to one of the developers end in having your roles removed from discord :3.... Apart from the negativity has been a pleasure to be part of the 3 series of servers and Mike has come a long with the help of the developers the scrub lord. Will never forget the staff apart from Hank and Heaven as idk them much but yeah. Hope you have a good day and may return to see how things are in the near future that is if the server is up and running still who knows? Kind regards, Jake
  4. Predator

    Boss Pet Information

  5. Predator

    asc key should be buff

    I happen to agree with you on this.
  6. Predator

    Easy low level prayer guide

    Interesting guide shame it doesn't work for ironmen but I found a way by just burying bones and scattering ashes from things I managed to kill. None the less awesome guide thank you. Predator
  7. Another amazing piece of gfx, I've set it as a signture on R_S thank you. Predator
  8. Accidentally did 1 so I am actually for 2 so yeah I apologise. Jake
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