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  1. Our java Launcher is now woorking! You can find our file download below! This will now update your normal clients and launch it instantly without you having to download a new client each update. We also have done some other updates to our Client. Players should now finally not be stuck in Safe mode, this error was causing alot of people to have below 20 Frames Per Second during their gameplay. I have run the client myself through some tests and aside from the Java lags you're always going to encounter. If you're experiencing any issues please let us know. We are still looking into the NXT client errors as of recently that have appeared, we appreciate everyone's patience during this time.
  2. Hello Everyone! Nexus has settled down a bit and I know you all have noticed we hit one of those slow seasons. We appreciate everyone being patient with us as we work with stuff IRL and for our other projects that we are structuring. Nexus is growing, it may not seem like that within our RS3 playerbase but we are always growing. We understand there should be some new motives moving forward in order to bring back the community and project we run our foundation on. The Source, Our source has gone through tons of changes over our 2+ years owning re-designing it. As it sits right now we now some of what is still lingering is causing issues and complexities, and that is what we must choose to either fix or replace. Re-writing our source will be a tough, long, and pain in the ass to be honest. Which is why there are things myself im trying to plan, organize and put forth into action. I want things to run smoothly, and not just a 60FPS client. Im talking smooth internal game-play with no obstruct errors or failed login methods that are causing me to lose sleep at night. Other Games, As some of you may have noticed I have been tinkering with a few development projects. I cannot announce all of them but I can announce that we WILL have 2 servers running outside of OSRS & RS3 servers. FiveM ( Nexus V ) Rust ( RustNX ) These servers are going to be under myself and @Daron's management, any questions about these please contact us or speak to us in discord. The reason we are choosing to launch these games is because, its fun. Purely for me its fun, but also we want to test new things and hear feedback from you guys as the community if you like or want other games. We will continue to move forward with fixing and releasing updates for ALL of our servers, we want to be able to provide the right updates at the right times. Thank you -Log
  3. Will note and look into all of these shops before new Home fix is released and make sure this is apart of that patch.
  4. Log

    Completed June updates!

    6/11/19 - 6/29/19 - Fixed an issue with the Cooking Perk - Added the Boss Pets manager - Fixed an issue where Dragonbane Bolts didn't get picked up by Ava's - Updated the Prestige Dialogue - Fixed an issue where the information tab wouldn't display correctly - Moderators can now use the ::teleto command - Players can now redeem their skilling pets for the correct item - Fixed an issue where the tutorial was blocking teleporting after it was completed. - Administrators can now start any controller by ::startcontroller - Fixed an issue where Dungeoneering Shop items would also be deleted if found outside of a dungeon. - Fixed an issue with the gamemode commands - Fixed an issue with the Tanning NPCs 7/2/2019 - Added the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon
  5. Hello everyone, Ironman & Ironwoman players seem to have had issues in the past, and present about their shops. I understand that things are pretty bland in them. The shops are pretty vast in what you would need in a balanced situation, but I can see some improvement or possibly a chance to nerf.. Our question is this, what do you think should happen to the ironman shops? Whats needed, what should be removed?
  6. Log

    New Home Addition?

    Waiko's was a nice home and is optional to replace Tav so that would mean Waiko and Miscellania could be options to add to replace Lumb & Tav options. Menophos was a good idea but needed a bit more love to it, the home was super plain.
  7. Log

    New Home Addition?

    This is something I will look into and what not. As for it being the default home. That is also another possibility, if this were to happen then I would change some things and locations at Varrock on top of that. (New tele location, and spawn location changes.)
  8. Log

    New Home Addition?

    I have looked at this area once before, its not a bad option to have.
  9. Was looking through some areas, would this be something of interest for our 4th and final home addition for the selective home options?
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    Logiikx [Team-Nx]

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    Prestige Rewards

    1+ Shadow Dye 1+ Hourglass 2+ Random Barrows Sets 1+ Rubber Chicken 1+ Off-hand Rubber Chicken 5+ Augmentors 1+ Legendary jack of trades aura 1+ Silverhawk Calculator Perfect juju potion set ( +15 of each ) +5 add to pile each prestige Avalibility to pick 2 sets from the List of sets below. https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Experience-boosting_set Could be an idea.
  13. Log

    Forums update 5.19.19

    Website updates were posted, new layout can be found at https://www.dontplayonthenexus.com/ Also working on a development section, more coming soon.
  14. Log

    Viduus whats a Viduus?

    This is a different revision server on top of this, so don't get confused with it saying 718/RS3
  15. Appreciate the response, as i agree with you 100%. Some updates require some additional content to be fixed and that cause sometimes be a pain.