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  1. DylanPage95

    Co-op Slayer

    The ability to do co-op slayer would be nice
  2. DylanPage95

    F Clan Recruitment!

    RSN: DylanPage95 Combat Level: 50 Prayer Level: 15 Magic Level: 45 Ranged Level: 3 Total Level: 793 PvM/PvP Experience (1-10): Pvm 7/10, pvp 6/10 (not done either in a long time) Did someone recommend you to our clan?: nah i just saw it exploring the forums Do you agree to the clan rules?: sure do Ill be leveling up my combats asap so those numbers are only what i have right now
  3. DylanPage95

    Inventing Ideas

    to be frank, its WAY too easy atm, exp multiplier for it should be removed and once that is done those ideas wont really make a huge difference
  4. DylanPage95

    Inventing Ideas

    now that invention has become more of a trainable skill i have a suggestion for it 4 new perks, 1 = Faster Disassembling 2 = More parts per disassemble 3 = More Common (rare) rare parts, meaning you get rare parts more often 4 = Faster equipment leveling
  5. DylanPage95

    Pest Control

    I think we need to get more points per pest control game because unless we have 5 players we need to wait 2mins in the lobby for just 3,4 or 5 points.
  6. DylanPage95

    Grandpas suggestions

    ill be honest if the Devs get in contact with me i have (mostly working area loot)
  7. DylanPage95

    Grandpas suggestions

    i totally had nothing to do with the potential exp fix for dung kappa
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