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  1. You'll be glad to hear that bob's have been fixed, teleports have been rendered to just 10 seconds, telos has had his insta kill dropped to 1/4 of your hp and will be looking into some of the rest. If you could provide specifics on any of the above that would greatly help.
  2. Daron

    Nexus NXT Launcher

    Version 1.0.0


    Official NXT Launcher.
  3. Daron

    New Home Addition?

    The black void 12/10 home location
  4. Daron

    New Home Addition?

    The black void 12/10 home location
  5. Daron

    Cosmetics & pets

    Would you like to see cosmetics packs, animations and pets in the store?
  6. Daron

    Warpriest - yay or ney

    Would you like to see warpriest armours added in to the game along with their passives?
  7. Daron

    Future events

    We want your opinion on what events we should plan next!
  8. Daron

    NXT Development

    As you guys know we’ve been hard at work with NXT(for those who don’t know what that is: it’s the RS3 client that jagex wrote in C) we will be releasing it to you guys on all platforms in a few days along with a revision update to 901. We’ve managed to put in a few fixes along the way, but as usual please submit a forum ticket if you find anything. We will also still be supporting the java client just in case your brand new pc doesn’t come with a GPU. As for what comes next, throughout January, all the skills are going to get redone, some new and even old bosses are gonna get added and reworked along with some much needed changes to combat. I hope you guys are just as excited about all of this as we are! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmsCo_65zlU
  9. Daron

    Nex: AOD and more!

    Updates 12/07/2018 - Reflect has been fixed - Nex AOD has flown into Nexus! Try your luck at defeating her! - Display names have been fixed - Bank presets have been added - An error with the familiar storing has been fixed - Bond redeeming is now similar to RS3 - You can redeem for donator status, treasure hunter keys and a name change We’ll have some interesting announcements on some amazing things we’re gonna be working on soon!
  10. Updates 11/11/2018 I'm aware it's been a few days since there's been an update post - we've all just been extremely busy and or tired Any-who: - We now have a beautiful players list in discord located at #players-online ! - Losing your perks on your item upon death has been fixed - Staff list has been updated - Teleport menus have been overhauled from the ground up - Ascension creatures now receive proper damage when using anything but ranged - A Dean boo boo has been fixed - Anima golems from telos now follow you closely More to come soon such as Action bars, AOE abilities and rune dragons!
  11. Daron

    Telos has landed!

    Updates 10/7/2018 Telos update: - Telos has arrived to Nexus! - Gamemodes have been fixed and can now be chosen - Area loot has been added - Funky new things are gonna be making their way into nexus soon! - Scrimshaws have been added - you can get them from the nox shop! - You can now hide familiar options - Started the assist system - Dissolving augments has been fixed - Deathtouched darts have been fixed - Level and xp targets now work - Bonus XP can now be earned - stars available from treasure hunter - Ironman title fix previously got lost in translation - it's back and can be toggled via ::toggletitle - Frozen key requirement has been removed from the nex door pending actually getting them to drop - Item option dialogues have been added - Bonecrusher can now be equipped and works - Ectoplasmator can now be equipped - Grim gem can now be used when equipped - Fate cards are now complete - you can purchase the options using penguin points Side fixes: - Fixed an issues where players that were already removed from the fight were being re-removed - All available in-game badges are now available. VIP Badge can be toggled as a donator via the chat interface. Works as a mod too. - All donator changes listed on the forums have been made. - Highscores are now working - Emotes have been fixed - Clue scrolls have been fixed - The price checker now uses GE prices instead of cache prices(oops lol) - Fixed the issue where the bank command would remove interfaces and stop you from doing certain things. - More price fixes - GPR updates - Penguin H&S fixes - Shards in dung fix - Teleport menu edits Invention fixes: - Armour can now get augmented - You can now install gizmos with more than 1 perk - All items now have their correct invention definitions - You can also now install gizmos on armour - Item XP now properly refreshes without having to equip/unequip the item - You are now able to augment items! This includes leveling, gizmos and all. The bonuses from drain reduction and others work properly. Current working perks include: Aftershock Biting Crackling Devoted Enhanced Devoted Efficient Enhanced efficient Equilibrium Flanking Impatient Mobile Precision Planted feet Some tools do work such as augment dissolver and siphons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Updates: - Your in-game rank will now display next to your friends-chat messages. - Added RPC support for things such as bosses, skilling and player stats. - Added a 30 second idle RPC default reset - Fixed some rascal issues with rpc displaying - Added more RPC support for things such as skill sub-categories ie: fishing tuna or cutting yews - Added minigame support for things like barrows, rots, fight caves and kiln Araxxor fixes: - The arraxor cocoon now works as RS3 has it - cocoon does not break until you reach the required actions while araxxor continues his attacks - The rotation changing has been fixed - Araxxor overlay interface component has been adjusted
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