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4.2.0 Update

Released 01/04/20

Key Changes

Client Update:
- Login menu updated
- 1200 Client updated to fix screen better
- New loading tips
- Updated music files 

Game Update: 
- Classes have been rebalanced
- General Skill chaining changes to classes like Saint, Hero
- All classes have been rebalanced for PVP
- Some classes have 100% crit rate on specific skills, lifts, bleeds, cracks, and other
- Special effects have been added and tested for balance (PVP Only)
- Sword Dancer- Able to use tier 3 skills as 1 and 2. 
- Judgement - New abilities 

Skill update
- Changes made to 
  > Bow, 2h, SS, Spear, RM, Judgement 

Combo fixes:
- Judgement combo is fixed
- Strider combo speed increased!
- All Engistar MG combo speeds increased!!

Exp curved changed to lower time costs for Beta testing.