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    Hello everyone! As you prob have seen within our discord channels that we have been working on a new RS3 Project. There have been several updates since then that we have continued to work on, however I would like to clear up some information gaps and provide some of the specifications that will be following the GameServer. Rates for DS will be set to 10x rates. Disabled Features: Dungeoneering Item Lending Money pouch Treasure Hunter and override Threat Levels: There were three tiers of areas in the world: low-, medium-, and high-threat. Low-threat areas had varying risk levels, meaning that players could only attack other players within a certain level of their own combat level. For example: In a risk level of 3, a level 50 player could attack players between levels 47 and 53. The risk levels on the surface ranged from 1 to 29, which was determined by a location's distance from the center of a major city. Some quest areas were designated as low threat, but had 99 as the attacking range. Low-threat areas contained high level guards in towns, as well as patrolling the roads. Low-threat areas could be identified by a green shield. In medium-threat areas, there are no risk levels, meaning a player could attack any other player, regardless of their level difference. Guards were stationed only in towns, and did not patrol roads. Medium-threat areas could be identified by a red shield and a single sword. High-threat areas also lacked risk levels like medium-threat areas, except guards were not present at all. Two common examples of high-threat areas included the upper and basement floors of some buildings, as well as the Wilderness. High-threat areas could be identified by a skull and two crossed swords. The Wilderness: in this the minimap will be disabled and a dark overlay will be placed to greatly reduce visibility. Grand Exchange update: Non-member Member High-threat 5% 0% Medium-threat 10% 5% Low-threat 20% 10% There is now a Tax within each zone per the G.E, buying and selling now will require this tax. This tax will automatically be included in the purchase price. However, blocking of teleportation in high level Wilderness is also disabled here. Teleportation and Logging out: All teleportation spells have a delay to prevent instant escape this also includes logging out. Lodestones cannot be used to teleport while carrying items, but can be used while a pet or Summoning familar including Beast of burden is active. Moreover, teleportation spells and items allowed players to teleport within the same threat zones, including teleportation from the Wilderness. Guards: Level 831 Guards with 1,000,000 life points patrolled every major area. These guards can attack with chaotic weapons from any side of the combat triangle. They intervened in player fights, and attacked those who initiated fights. They also will drain a player of all their prayer points, prevent teleporting and movement, and even follow players who try to escape. There will be more updates to come as well as community Polls for future changes and updates. We will post more about testing when we are prepared to do so, right now we are hand picking a few members to try the new Combat, Pathing and other new features. We appreciate everyone so far with the response that we have gotten. This will be a new big project with plenty to come! Please make sure to check out our discord page or view our Release notes we will be putting more updates there.