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Nexus: WOTLK is live!

3.3.5a live blizzlike server, with a professional core design. We are ready for the biggest of raiders! Server Experience: - Kill Rate: x2 - Explore Rate: x3 - Reputation Rate: x3 - Honor Rate: x2 - and tons more!
Visit Nexus: WOTLK

FantasyTale Daily events!

Get your fix now!
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  • NexCraft is now in open Beta testing! Check out our Minecraft section for further information!
  • Darkscape is online! Play against friends or foe in the world while you level and test your skills!
  • Fantasy Tale: Level up! - Event is going until 4/20! Join in game and get your rewards!
  • Nexus WOTLK: Servers are now online x2 rates with experience weekend events get your realm firsts now!


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5 files

  1. Nexus: WOTLK 3.3.5a

    Full WOTLK client download, follow the how to connect steps on the link below.

    1 download


  2. Nexus NXT Launcher

    Official NXT Launcher.



  3. Nexus: LaTale Classic Client

    This is the 4.2.0 Client download
    Within this client you will have 2 .bat's those will be what you use to launch the client. 
    *Note: To register your account you must use the registration tool.*



  4. Nexus Official NXT Client

    Welcome to the Nexus Community Official Client Download,
    Please run exe and when windows security warning comes up, "Run anyways" You should be able to load client then. 
    If you encounter any errors within the client please submit a report to our ticket system.
    Thank you everyone for your support, enjoy the server!



  5. Nexus Java Client Launcher

    Our launcher is now live, this will allow players to get updates directly rather than having to re download the standalone each time. 
    This file is ran as a .jar file  so there is no installation required.
    Client Protocol: 902
    Launcher Version: 1.0.2
    Launcher Developer: Team Nx



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