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    Nexus: WOTLK 3.3.5a

    Version 1.0.0


    Full WOTLK client download, follow the how to connect steps on the link below. https://www.teamnexus.org/page/connect
  3. Earlier
  4. Daron

    Nexus NXT Launcher

    Version 1.0.0


    Official NXT Launcher.
  5. - Applied Core update: Source Networking restructure - Applied Core update: Security Patch - Fixed Object, NPC, Interface and item server interactions - Fixed issues divine placing. - Fixed teleporting out of places not in the over-world (Teleporting out of caves and dungeons) - Fixed chat and chunk scene issue - Fixed skill task shop issue - Fixed Hotzone death null - Fixed random clan things. - Fixed run energy on death - Fixed BOB health, Pack Mammoth addition and obelisk - Moved thieving stalls lower - caused conflict - Started core sever event plugin update - Started Management panel update & updated core imports
  6. Log

    Co-op Slayer

    Can agree this would be neat, as well as the grouping system.
  7. DylanPage95

    Co-op Slayer

    The ability to do co-op slayer would be nice
  8. Log

    4.2.0 Update

    Client Update: - Login menu updated - 1200 Client updated to fix screen better - New loading tips - Updated music files Game Update: - Classes have been rebalanced - General Skill chaining changes to classes like Saint, Hero - All classes have been rebalanced for PVP - Some classes have 100% crit rate on specific skills, lifts, bleeds, cracks, and other - Special effects have been added and tested for balance (PVP Only) - Sword Dancer- Able to use tier 3 skills as 1 and 2. - Judgement - New abilities Skill update - Changes made to > Bow, 2h, SS, Spear, RM, Judgement Combo fixes: - Judgement combo is fixed - Strider combo speed increased! - All Engistar MG combo speeds increased!! EXP: Exp curved changed to lower time costs for Beta testing.
  9. Log

    Nexus: LaTale Classic Client

    Version 4.2.0


    This is the 4.2.0 Client download Within this client you will have 2 .bat's those will be what you use to launch the client. *Note: To register your account you must use the registration tool.*
  10. - Arrow drop/pickup has been fixed - Fixed a hotzone combat issue - Fixed a login bug that had to do with equipment - Fixed a few ladders - Fixed the wildy minimap blackout issue - Hotzone rewards have been better tuned - Hotzone targetting has been fixed - Anti-dragon shield are now available in horvik's(idk how to spell his name) shop - Skilling nodes(from mods) have been fixed - the walking issue and the xp issue - Skill menus have been fixed (when clickling on a skill) - Wilderness attacking restriction has been removed to better suit darkscape - Skilling pets have been made slightly harder to obtain - Energy drain has been reduced - Dward multicannon has been fixed - Fixed an issue with stopping magic teleports if under combat - Completely redid fletching - Fixed a few issues with smithing corrupted ore and mining rune essense - Fixed World Area overlaps (most notably and noticeable would have been karamja and south port sarim) - Fixed weaving only opening on pale energy - Fixed the afk timer (properly 5 minutes now) - Super restores now restore summoning points - Made updates to the info tab (j shortcut or active task tab menu) less frequent (every 30 seconds) rather than every game tick - Fixed some nulls with death relating to hotzones and just death in general - Fixed run energy going whack on death and made it restore summoning points - Added the blood amulet effect - Fixed the skill task shop - Fixed the hitpoints on BOBs - Added the familiar for pack mammoths (will figure out a way to make tusks available later or just add mammoths at some point) - Fixed obelisk point renewal
  11. DylanPage95

    F Clan Recruitment!

    RSN: DylanPage95 Combat Level: 50 Prayer Level: 15 Magic Level: 45 Ranged Level: 3 Total Level: 793 PvM/PvP Experience (1-10): Pvm 7/10, pvp 6/10 (not done either in a long time) Did someone recommend you to our clan?: nah i just saw it exploring the forums Do you agree to the clan rules?: sure do Ill be leveling up my combats asap so those numbers are only what i have right now
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  13. Og⠀

    Price Guide (Community Driven)

    This is a very lovely idea, Syn. Once I start getting some better drops I'll try to help as best as I can.
  14. I figure it's an appropriate time to share this Google Sheet for the player base to find reasonable prices for trading. Simply comment on items what you feel the reasonable price should be, When an item gets enough feedback on an agreeable price, it will be listed as such. The link is below. Nexus DarkScape Price Guide
  15. Og⠀

    F Clan Recruitment!

    ¸„»°'´¸„»°'´ F `'°«„¸`'°«„¸ `'°«„¸¸„»°'´¸„»°'´`'°«„¸ Is Now Recruiting! ¸„»°'´`'°«„¸`'°«„¸¸„»°'´ Our Objective: F is a clan that strives to be the best at what we do. We bring a different breed of players to the table and strive to break records, have fun and support those around us. If you're interested in joining, fill out an application down below and I'll get to you shortly! Clan Chat: F Application Status: Open What We Offer: Free access to Og's POH Gilded Alter for faster Prayer leveling Group Warbands Group Bossing/Slayer Protection from Pkers (Only when I'm not busy) Helpful tips to progressing faster in the game Requirements: Currently we don't have any requirements Rules: 1. Must follow any and all Nexus Rules. 2. Must be respectful to all members of the clan. It's nice to joke around, but know your limits. 3. NO Harassment, Racial Slurs or hate crimes of any kind are allowed in CC. 4. We have absolutely 0 tolerance for Botting (If you're found guilty of such doings, appropriate actions will be taken.) 5. Have Fun! Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment. 1st offence = 1 hour removal from CC 2nd offence = 1 day removal from CC 3rd offence = Permanent removal from the CC and put on our blacklist Clan Ranking System Basic Rankings TODO Staff Rankings - Junior Staff: Clan Staff whose role is to keep watch over the clan and keep things running. Assists with cc moderation and insight to administrative changes. (Voted in by other clan Staff) - Senior Staff: Senior Clan Staff hold major roles in the clan. They are extremely trusted and highly respected members of our clans community. They are the right hand of the Leaders and help take part in all major decisions within the clan. - Leaders: Leaders of the clan. Responsible for all major changes. Application (copy and paste this into the reply section and fill it out appropriately) Application RSN: Combat Level: Prayer Level: Magic Level: Ranged Level: Total Level: PvM/PvP Experience (1-10): Did someone recommend you to our clan?: Do you agree to the clan rules?:
  16. Og⠀

    Teleportation in Darkscape

    I agree 100% that this should definitely be implemented a bit better. As for a solution idea I currently have 0 but I will continue to think on this more.
  17. Og⠀

    Hi im Xeqt

    Hello, Xeqt! I wish you the best of luck in-game. P.S. I like your pfp.
  18. Heavenly

    Darkscape fishing locations

    Thank you, added.
  19. I think it was only really there to make the separated banks work better. You had to haul all of your items from one area to another. Now, since that is now longer a part of the game, I think this restriction should be removed. The restriction being that you are not able to teleport from a high risk zone to any zone lower than your zone. For example, if you are in a medium risk zone, you can teleport to a high risk zone, but not a low risk zone. If I did not explain that very well, just reply and I'll do my best to explain it better. If you have an idea, or a way you think it would work better, let me know. If you have any ideas for anything to do with the delays, or teleportation, let me know! Thank you for the feedback.
  20. shmowz_

    Darkscape fishing locations

    Lobsters and Swordfish at Bandit Camp. I don't know the others
  21. shmowz_

    Darkscape Shop Location Guide

    Extremely helpful thanks bro
  22. shmowz_

    DarkScape Returns release

    Good ton see my favorite mmorpg come back to life
  23. Hank

    Darkscape Shop Location Guide

    Thanks Peace..
  24. Log

    Darkscape fishing locations

    Make sure to gather the names of what type of fish are there to inform players a bit more of what they are risking out to grab.
  25. Log

    Darkscape Shop Location Guide

    Wonderful guide, thank you for this.
  26. I don't know what things are where, but I can edit if you tell me. Bandit camp contains lobsters and swordfish
  27. Have you been wondering where to find shops? Well I have the answer for you! These are the locations of all of the shops, and what the shops contain. First shop is Scavvo's shop, located on the second floor. Second is both Zaff, and Naff. Can be found wandering around the circled area. Third is Medium-Tier. Shop owner is Harry, who can also be found wandering around the circled area. Fourth is the High level ranged shop. Shop owner is Delldav, found wandering around the circled area Fifth shop is the Magic Shop, which can be found on the second floor of the magic guild. Sixth is the Fremennik Armors shop
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