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    • NXOS Beta has gone live! The download will be available both on the forums and in discord(recommended for updates). PLEASE report any bugs you find with the launcher or the games through the forums in as much detail as you can. There's a support section titled "Nexus Launcher" for it. Your forum account will be your login for both games, but MapleStory will use a login password that's set on registration(can be edited in your profile) due to password restrictions. To make up for that, there's 2 more pins that have to be entered once per session as a whole, not just login. There's a small grace period between entries. Anyone with an existing donator status(listed on discord) can contact me about it when your forum account is made. We're really excited about this release and are looking forward to enjoying it just as much as you guys! Again, this is a beta and there will be bugs, so please report all the bugs you find on the forums so we can make the experience better for everyone.  
    • Super excited for the things coming forward! 
    • Hello everyone! It's been a while since any updates or news has been given on what we've been doing, but I do assure you we've been working on a few things.  There's 3 major things we've been working on lately. The first comes in the form of website enhancements. We've been improving our network and security lately and in doing so added a load balancer for our entire website along with multiple backend servers in case of failure and for general performance improvements, as no one server will bare the entire load. We also have multi-layered ddos protection on 2 different fronts enabled along with a very robust firewall. This should prevent major attacks from effecting the website and some of our services. You may have noticed lately that the website is much snappier than usual. That is due to the changes we've made and we will continue to do so regularly so we can deliver the best experience to all of you.  We will also have a new front page coming by the end of the month, curtesy of @Log ! He's been working away at it and making it look fantastic. The second comes as an announcement that we will be opening an OSRS server for beta testing soon. It has runelite as a client and mobile support. We still have some content and functionality that we need to work on, but we're getting there slowly. It's run on revision 182 and will be packed with content. There's no estimate on a time-frame, for the simple fact that we want to be sure it's fairly ready before having people get on and inevitably find some more bugs.  We will release more information on this closer to when we think things are ready for you guys to hop on. At the current moment it will only have 1 world, but we will be looking into having a second one up with a different play style(suggest some good stuff for it cause I honestly don't know much about all the new osrs gameplay).   The third is the unveiling of a brand new launcher that will be used to play the servers we release, whether it be runescape, or not. It has multiple layers of security and authentication built into it and has been in the works for a while now. It features automatic client updating and quick links to your forum profile, and the website. It requires you to login with your forum credentials(none of which is stored anywhere apart from on the forums) and will from that moment be authenticated to your PC. You can login on a different PC, but you will be prompted to re-authenticate on the first one again if you do so. We are so happy with the progress that's been made to everything lately and we're excited to have everyone try it all out and enjoy old school with us! A huge thank you goes to our staff members that have been my guinea pigs in testing the countless broken things I've delivered to them in the development process. Nexus Staff.
    • Pixelmon is joining our list! The server has been added to our online list! About: Pixelmon Some Features:    More information to come as time moves forward, as posted for now you're able to join and access our servers via using Twitch or the Technic launcher and downloading "The Pixelmon Modpack". Any further questions please reply or reach out to us via our discord.      
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