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Hello everyone,

As there has been plenty of update information relating ARP on our discord we would like to bring some more forward via our forums and other platforms. Andromeda has been growing exceptionally well with the help of everyone who has been working hard with testing & those who have been putting in the hours simply having fun roleplaying. We cannot thank you all enough for your help so we can continue to try our best to make this an amazing server.

With that being said, Amazing is what we aim and that is what we will be bringing forward in terms of news today! 
We will be further moving away from the 'BETA' tag and moving to more of an official release with our latest patch meaning we have hit a stable point where we know our framework has reached a point where we can continue focusing on growth. 

There will be of course further updates happening, and we are working on some new big ones for all of you. We will be opening a few more applications relating streaming, Media, and more soon!

For those who have missed the latest patch update, the information can be found below. 


Latest Patch update (6/2/2021) : LIVE

Redesign of illegal items and crafting

  • System includes new crafting of illegal drugs (I'm sure you can find these)
  • New system also includes new location for sales of drugs
  • New system now implements a new laundering system for your bands (Have fun finding this one)

Band Payouts have been adjusted across the board

Updated the use of rolling papers (WIP)

  • All rolling papers now open a crafting menu the same as your Q's

Update of inventory usage

  • Max limit of buying, selling, or moving is now set to 50 to further test limitations and fix possible item changing issue.

Banking Update

  • New system includes new use of atm's
    •  Citizens can now simply use 'E' when standing at a ATM versus typing /atm the alternative still works but now this allows seamless transition
  • New UI for banks
    •  Citizens will now see your current businesses fund [if you're eligible to access via your rank] allowing you to deposit directly from there along with still going through your boss menus.
    • You are now able to properly transfer funds.


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