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Andromeda Rules [Updated - 03/02/2021]

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Rules & Guidelines

These are our gules and guidelines for the RP server, all of these rules are subject to change at any time. We ask those to always read and check up on these rules. This will be our public location for anyone to access at anytime to see, you can also find our rules in our discord. 

No Random Deathmatch (RDM)

  • Meaning of RDM or Random Death Match is whenever a player kills or attacks another player without any reason whatsoever.
  • Example #1: When a player kills you with no reason in game of roleplaying, always initiate RP before shooting at someone.
  • Example #2: Shooting on sight without roleplay or a story leading up to this event.
    If found or suspected of such actions will result in an immediate ban


No Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

  • Meaning of VDM or Vehicle Deathmatch is whenever a vehicle is used as a weapon against someone which results in death without initiation.
  • Example: A player uses his vehicle to purposely kill players without RP reasoning.
    If found or suspected of such actions will result in an immediate ban


No Metagaming

  • Bringing knowledge from one server to another.
  • Remembering something your 'cousin' told you that one time. (IYKYK)
  • Meaning of Metagaming is having knowledge of events that your character should not have knowledge of.
    If you are in the server you are to NOT watch anyone's stream while you are actively in server.
  • Example #1: Watching a stream of someone that is in server while you are in server.
  • Example #2: Sharing info with someone else on the server using third party programs such as discord or DM’s etc.
    If found or suspected of such actions will result in an immediate ban


No FailRP

  • Meaning of FailRP is failing Roleplay
  • Example #1: When an individual being arrested and he/she walks into a fire or traffic to kill themselves.
  • Example #2: Using a vehicle to go inside of a store/bank to attempt a robbery blocking doors etc.


Do not break character while in server.

  • Meaning going completely OOC while in server or active RP situation.
  • Do not break character in a situation because you do not like how it’s going.
  • Unless instructed to by an admin or someone from staff due to a situation do not ever break character while in server.
  • Example #1: Active RP scenario and you start talking about admins and moderators.
  • Example #2: Requesting or referring to needing or wanting an admin or a staff member at your active RP scenario.


No Exploiting

  • Abusing any game mechanic, server mechanic, or using any 3rd party apps or add ons to gain an advantage such as but not limited to, financial gains, screen dot, macro controls, transferring money or items between your own character slots, glitching, duping, etc.
    If found or suspected of such actions will result in an immediate ban.


Fear RP (NVL - no value to life)

  • You must always attempt to value your life and all attempts should be made to preserve one's own life, you are able to 'take the risk within reasonable and compliant scenario's' however any consequence to your actions are non-negotiable. Putting yourself in the line of danger without a reasonable explanation for risking your life or another player's life, Is considered Fail RP.


No Power gaming

  • This is the act of forcing or gaining an unrealistic, unfair, or impossible action over another player without giving them an opportunity to interact, defend, or escape the situation.
  • Any act that causes the player to be able to avoid use of items etc. Will be considered power gaming.
  • Handcuffs are not to placed on a person without their knowledge when they are being taken hostage.
    Meaning do not instantly cuff someone, without initiation, then proceed with an interaction.
  • Swapping vehicles before before 30 minutes after a scenario in order to avoid a situation or to gain any advantage.
  • Extreme changes in appearance in a short amount of time will fall under this category.



  • ERP is strictly NOT allowed on this server.
    If found or suspected of such actions will result in an immediate ban


NLR - New Life Rule

  • If you force respawn you are to not remember what happened 30 min prior to your incapacitation
  • If incapacitated and given medical attention you can remember what happened prior to your incapacitation


Perma - Player Death

  • No Player can force another player to perma.
  • At any time while, or leading up to, a player being down and incapacitated, the player may /me perma, etc after completing the RP scenario and should log out.
  • Upon re-entry to the server you must delete your character that was perma'd or it is considered an Exploit and Fail RP.
  • Transfer of any items or cash to another player before perma is considered an Exploit and Fail RP.


Robbery Rules

  • You are allowed to rob players, killing a player after being robbed is considered RDM/FailRP
  • You must have a hostage when robbing any bank
  • You must be reasonable when robbing someone
  • You cannot rob the same person twice within 30 minutes
  • You can not start a robbery 15 minutes before & after server restart
  • There are no restrictions to robbing LEO's or taking their vehicles currently. (This can change if we see this being abused) 

Hostage Rules

  • All plans and activities should be organized prior before taking a hostage
  • If taking hostages for any period of time you need to ensure that they have food and water or at least give them the opportunity to maintain their food and water to continue the RP scenario.
  • You cannot use a hostage if it is  their first time in town. 

Voice Changers

  • You are allowed to use a voice changer as long as you generate a coherent voice that doesn't strain others.

Police Identification Rules

  • Officers cannot claim identification without proper evidence.
  • ( Using only someone's voice strictly does not count. )

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