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Infrastructure hotfix updates 11/25/2021

Good morning everyone,

The last couple of days our website has been offline due to some issues hardware wise. Since then we have been hard at work making sure these issues have been fixed and recovered. There has been some issues relating accounts and such based on the forum side of things, but we do believe it may be possible to import the ones we do have. This is because we have updated our forum system to a newer major update that is much newer then what we had setup.

There will be a lot of other changes and things coming soon with our web systems and more. Andromeda team is still actively looking for experienced developers, and we have another project deep in the works behind the scenes with another development team.

We hope to push a community event soon involving both discord communities for some old fashioned gameplay and rewards.

More information to come as our website updates, we do apologise for anyone who may have encountered any relating issues due to this process. We will update everyone relating our account issue once we get a for sure answer on it.


Kind Regards,
Log, TeamNX Lead

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