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New Custom World!

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Hello Everyone!

We now have a custom world for NexusMS! It's a reboot type gameplay like the one from GMS. Trading and player shops are restricted. All the game shops are still there.

You're on your own in this world, for the most part. You must obtain your own items and mesos. When you're killing monsters across the world, whenever their chance of dropping an equip item comes up, it will be levelled according to the mobs level and the difference between it and you within a certain limit. The equips dropped by non-boss monsters will all be geared for your class with a small chance of it being an all-class item. Bosses still have all their regular drops.

This is a highly experimental drop system and it might have a few items that shouldn't be part of it. If you find any such items, please make sure to let us know so the experience can be better overall for everyone. 

We are currently working on a similar skill book shop that GMS has, just separate and not part of the regular potion shops as this would be more problematic.

We hope you enjoy this gameplay style as much as we do! If you have any questions about it, feel free to post below.



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