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    • All mod request will be reviewed by staff to ensure they are not game breaking, ruin players experience, and do not disturb the lore we've put in place.  Before making a suggestion please be sure you've looked at the server mod list. The mods on that list show all the mods we've installed since the conception of the server.   Rules English mods only Expansion compatible mods only No mods that increase ammo capacity.    Requesting a Mod Provide the mod name as the subject. Include a steam workshop link for the mod you are requesting.
    • Hello! Below is a small feature list of our DayZ Server being led by @Phayroh We are always trying to expand on our projects, those who show great interest and individuality to their ideas are always welcome and are what makes for a great community.    Discord: https://discord.gg/DxSbXj8DrX Map: Chernaurus + (Rotation with future events) Mods: Currently 65+ inc, DayZ Expansion / Community Framework / and many other detailed survival modifications to give a full experience. Lore page: (Work in progress) https://nexus.wiki/wiki/DeceptionRP-DayZ Features: (not actively updated) 7/25/2022 65+ Actively configured mods!  
    • Before you can join the server you must have the following Getting the Game ready to play. A Registered CFX Account | https://forum.cfx.re/ Download RedM | https://redm.net/ Own one of the following: RDR2: Online RDR2: Full Game   Joining The Server Review, understand and agree to the rules. | Link to Rules. Must be able to communicate verbally in-game. (English only). Obtain Access via Verified Role. Go to #starting-point and click the reaction button to obtain the verified role. Wait 5 minutes for our server to sync with discord to gain access in-game. Create your character and join the others..   Connection Information Server Title: Lostplains RP | NX | Serious Roleplay | ... IP: lprp.teamnx.net   If you do not own the game you can check out multiple discount websites to purchase the game at a cheaper rate. (Not guaranteed) https://www.g2a.com https://isthereanydeal.com https://www.cheapshark.com  https://www.humblebundle.com/ https://www.fanatical.com/ https://slickdeals.net/video-game-deals/ https://gg.deals/ https://gocdkeys.com/ https://www.dlcompare.com/ - Compare prices from different websites.   Note Most jobs on the server are player ran, to ask about employment you simply need to find the person who is able to hire within that job. However there are multiple other jobs around that you can find via travel or by looking at your map. You do not have to be whitelisted to be in a gang, please note we do not tolerate pocket wiping. We ask that you keep in character at all times, if you are unable to do so, then it is best to log out of the server and contact those people via other means. Please keep in mind that although the server is set in 1899, it is still 2022 and there are real people behind the characters you meet on the server. Please be respectful and courteous to all community members.  
    • Important Commands /c or /cancel | To stop animations /rc | Reloads character /kys | Suicide N | Default Voice Keybind ] | Alter voice range /id | Displays Account session ID used for support   Character Interaction X | Arms up B | Character Point Forward /sleeves /sleeves2 | Rolls up sleeves & open collar   Text on Body / Environment Interaction /scenario | Character interacts with various objects throughout the county /scene | Displays textbox on an object in the world /status | Puts a text box onto your character /cstatus | Clears Status /ops | On Person Scene /cops | Clears OPS /cash | Presents your current cash to others J | Call cart H | Whistle Horse /he | Horse emotes F | Stable Horse - Right click mouse and "Focus" on the horse, then press F to make your horse flee and stable. Tab | Holster/Unholster your weapon - will also work on your horse /do | Interaction is shared via tchat /me | Interaction is shared via text box on characters body   Menus / User interface /clothingmenu | Brings up the radial menu to remove or put on clothing F6 | Radial Menu - Here you will find all your emotes, How to remove clothes etc. G | 3rd eye / Focus, Use Right-click to interact with "Focus" Example Usage: Gun Store Clerk, Bounty Board, Etc... I | Inventory   Alter Gate / Animations /walkcasul /walkcrazy /walkdrunk /walkeasy /walkflamboyant /animations /checkgun /dance 1-9 /surrender | Puts hands behind head and your character is positioned onto their knees /hostage | Puts hands behind back and your character is positioned onto their knees  
    • Rule List General Server & Discord Rules METAGAMING FAIL RP FEAR RP (NVL - no value to life) EXPLOITS COMBAT LOGGING POWER GAMING RDM (Random Death Match) LASSO HOSTAGE RULES PVP ROBBERY NLR (New Life Rule) PERMA DUELS REQUESTING HELP Defined Terms General Server & Discord Rules Our server is a whitelist server where you must be 16 years or older to join. You must read and agree to these rules to gain access to the server. Be respectful to all players (in and out of character) Be respectful to Staff at all times Impersonating Staff in or out of character is forbidden and will result in a community ban No slander of the members of the community in ANY fashion (this includes streams, DM’s, and Discord) Racism, hate speech, and sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated In-game /OOC is for immediate help, not general talk (we have a guide to help you in Discord) In-game /OOC is considered OOC information Stay in character at all times, even when a server rule has been broken This is an ENGLISH-only server Hostile scenarios (i.e. robberies, shooting, anything that could lead to shootouts, etc.) are not allowed within 15 minutes before or after a storm as this is to allow for RP preparation One property PER PLAYER (not per characters) DO NOT DM ANY STAFF without their permission. Please use the create-a-ticket system in Discord for help from Staff The usage of @everyone and @here is not allowed unless you are Staff METAGAMING Metagaming is defined as purposely using or relaying information that your character did not learn in-game (Twitch Chats and Discord Channels included) to shape in-game roleplay. Purposely using or relaying information that your character did not learn in-game (Twitch Chats and Discord Channels included) to shape in-game roleplay Actively sitting in Third-Party VCs or chats (i.e. Twitch chats, stream sniping, Discord DM's or VC's) and communicating about what is going on around you while being in the server will be considered metagaming and will be punishable up to 1 week ban You may not use the player list to narrow down suspects for any incident; players are expected to act under the belief that locals are citizens and are just as likely to commit a crime/cause an incident as a player character would. Anonymous telegrams are anonymous and cannot be used against individuals unless the sender themselves makes their identity known in their telegram message. FAIL RP  While in the county (in-game/in-character), players should be respectful of other players’ immersion and all attempts to remain in character should be maintained.  If you require Admin assistance, move to a non-public area, type /report (reason) and wait for assistance. Breaking character and saying things such as, but not limited to: Fail RP, Metagaming, Power gaming, "I’m reporting you", or any other variation of language that would not be used on a regular basis in 1899 is strictly prohibited. Saying phrases in county that would not have been said during the 19th century is considered Fail RP (i.e. LOL, simp, PTSD, etc.). As a criminal, storing your gained items from a robbery and then turning yourself in for the crime is Fail RP. Purposely running into a robbery that is in progress is Fail RP. Once someone is down, they are down and you are not able to dictate what injuries the player has (however, injuries sustained should be reasonable to the encounter). If you have been injured, you are expected to roleplay your injuries as realistically as possible. The in-game pinboards and scenes should not be abused, should not contain any OOC (out of character) information (i.e.: Discord names, Twitch usernames, Steam information, etc.), they must try to be as in-character as possible, and they must be reasonable (e.g. you cannot leave a scene that reads building burned down when the building is clearly still there). Using OOC information or inappropriate terms for the time period in telegrams is Fail RP. Anything inappropriately posted in-server will be evaluated under these rules and removed at the discretion of Staff. If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly, make an Admin ticket in the Discord. FEAR RP (NVL - no value to life) You must value your character's life at all times. You should treat your character’s life as if it were real: you only have one. Putting your character's life or another player's life in the line of danger without a reasonable RP explanation for doing so is considered Fail RP. EXPLOITS Abusing any game mechanic, server mechanic, or using any 3rd-party apps or add-ons to gain an advantage (e.g. physical screen markers, or any type of assistant for shot placement, crosshairs, etc.) are not allowed. Using the ragdoll feature to break free from ropes is an exploit and will be punished if abused. Please do not abuse the pick bush feature while on the back of a horse. COMBAT LOGGING Intentionally disconnecting from the server while engaged in any active RP scenario to avoid its outcomes is combat logging and not allowed. On a crash or server restart, all attempts should be made in order to return to an active RP scenario, or it must be resolved on Discord. Force respawning while still involved in an active RP scenario is combat logging and not allowed. Giving up while in ropes in order to respawn to remove yourself from the scenario is combat logging and not allowed. If you are part of an active RP scenario, or on the run from deputies or another player, you are not allowed to log off for 30 minutes. POWER GAMING This is the act of forcing or gaining an unrealistic, unfair action over another player without giving them an opportunity to interact, defend, or escape the situation. Any act that causes the player to be able to avoid the use of items etc. will be considered power gaming. Any act that would permanently change a character (e.g. losing a finger, losing an eye, etc.) should not be forced on a player with no alternative options. Group size during an active RP will be a maximum of 6 people (e.g. if you have a group of 10, then 4 will have to sit out that interaction). Deputies are not limited by group size. The only exception to the limit on group sizes is while defending gang territory, gangs are not limited by the number of members that can defend from attackers. Gang territory and hideouts can be requested via a ticket to Staff demonstrating RP intent, activity in server, and making the case for owning it. If, while hogtied, your character becomes free/stands up/ragdolls, you are to remain in place to be tied again as this is a game issue and cannot be used as a method of escape. You may not kill a person, revive them, then kill them again. You can NOT go off someone's voice or horse to figure out who they are in RP, however, we want to encourage people to be smart about disguising themselves (i.e. wear a mask, change your horse/voice/clothes, use a code name, etc.). Combat logging is not allowed for 30 minutes after the active scenario. You must choose between robbing someone and killing someone, you can not do both . If you have started searching a person, you can not change your mind to then kill them. Using the telegram system to verify whether someone's name is "real" is not only power gaming, but metagaming, and is prohibited. RDM (Random Death Match) RDM is classified as incapacitating another character without a valid RP reason/roleplay taking place or without proper re-initiating RP before incapacitating them. You must state clear and reasonable demands to an intended target, and allow reasonable time (more than 2 seconds) for the target(s) to comply. Proper re-initiating RP is defined by at least 5 minutes since last initiating hostile RP (this is the wild west and things didn't happen as quickly back then) Senseless killing of Locals (aka NPC characters) or domestic animals without RP is considered RDM Running a character over with a horse or wagon without initiation, or without stopping to help when it was a mistake, is considered VDM, vehicle death match, and will be treated as RDM LASSO Lassoing another player counts as hostile action and requires initiation before being used. If you are being lasso'd and have a knife on you, you can use the knife to cut free from the lasso (as long as your character can do this reasonably safely). Players are not to break themselves free once hogtied ("hogtied" is defined as: on their belly with their hands tied behind their back). If, while hogtied, your character becomes free/stands up/ragdolls, you are to remain in place to be tied again as this is a game issue and cannot be used as a method of escape. Only after 15 minutes of being left alone or abandoned, you may break out of being hogtied. HOSTAGE RULES A hostage is a player or players that have been removed from their own line of RP by force, brought to a new location, or held against their will for an extended period of time. You cannot take a player hostage when they cannot reasonably defend themselves. All plans and activities should be pre-arranged before taking a hostage. You cannot break free of ropes until you have been abandoned/left alone for 15 minutes. Remember that being hogtied and unable to move for extended periods of time is not too fun or enjoyable, so please keep that in mind if you are going to force this RP on another player and consider keeping them involved in the RP and in dialogue. PVP ROBBERY You must choose between robbing someone and killing someone, you can not do both (perma death is at the victim's discretion) You cannot kill a player if they comply with reasonable demands Demanding someone to give “Everything they own”, is not a reasonable demand You are not allowed to camp outside or inside of any legal job location that is marked on the map in attempts to rob players You are not allowed to camp outside of any menu for any store/clothing/stables/telegrams marked on map in attempts to rob players If you are part of a robbery (robber or robbee) you must follow ALL SERVER RULES You are not allowed to pocket wipe the people you are robbing You are not allowed to take everything but one thing  If you rob somebody but leave food and water and a weapon to defend themselves then this does not count as a pocket wipe You may only steal the weapons that are visible on a person Putting guns/items/cash away to avoid having them stolen in an active encounter will be considered Power gaming NLR (New Life Rule)  If you hold E and respawn, you may not remember all details of what happened but you may remember slight details such as some clothing, a voice, or what horse they were riding. Do not engage in hostile RP within 30 minutes after respawning (holding E) with the same person/group that killed you. Engaging in hostile RP 15 minutes after a revive from a doctor will be considered as "Fail RP" as you will need to roleplay all wounds that were sustained. Being revived by a Doctor is not considered NLR. PERMA No player can force another player to perma their character(s). When the player uses /me perma or /me no pulse and completes the RP scenario, they should logout and the character slot then must be deleted upon re-joining the server, or else it is considered "Fail RP". Transfer of any items or cash to another player before perma is considered "Power Gaming" and "Fail RP". DUELS Duels that are initiated by both parties understand the loser of a duel will die and their characters will be perma'd Duels must have at least 1 doctor and 1 lawyer present at the start of the duel REQUESTING HELP Receiving help for in-game issues and technical issues can be done through Discord in one of the listed channels below, Not through general chat. Create a Ticket Discord Support General Support Redm Support Defined Terms RL : Real Life IC:  In Character Perma : For role playing purposes, it refers to a Player character being killed in an RP/IC (Role-Play/In-Character) sense. This death of a character, if the Real Life (RL) player chooses, can be permanent, hence permadeath. The player should not log on as the character if they have declared this for that character ALL RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS THE SERVER GROWS/DEVELOPS
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